Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

  Walt Disney's Zorro:
  "The Tyrant Monastario"

Britt Lomond is Capitan Enrique Sanchez Monastario Britt Lomond
Capitan Enrique
Sanchez Monastario
Romney Brent
Padre Felipe
Romney Brent is Padre Felipe
Jan Arvan is Don Ignacio (Nacho) Torres Jan Arvan
Don Ignacio
(Nacho) Torres
Eugenia Paul
Elena Torres
Eugenia Paul is Elena Torres
Pat Hogan is Benito Pat Hogan
Than Nguyen
Licenciado Pina
Than Nguyen is Licenciado Pina
Tony Russo is Martinez Tony Russo
Sebastian Cabot
Judge Vasca
Sebastian Cabot is Judge Vasca
Monastario discovers that Don Diego is a man of books.
 #1   "Presenting Señor Zorro"

Airdate: 10/10/57
Don Diego has been called home by his father and is on a ship sailing from Spain to California.  Don Diego learns from the ship's captain that the political climate is quite bad in California and that Don Diego will wish he had stayed in Spain.  Don Diego heads back to his room to speak to Bernardo, his mute servant, and tells Bernardo that he now understands why his father has called him home.  Diego knows that the best way to fight oppression is with cunning, and he decides, "Instead of a man of action, I shall become a man of letters, an innocent scholar interested only in the arts and sciences."  Bernardo wishes to play a role as well so it is decided that Bernardo will pretend to be both deaf and dumb, and a fool as well.  Upon Diego's return, Don Alejandro becomes very quickly irritated with his son, because Diego seems more interested in playing the piano than in hearing about the current political situation.  Diego is very ashamed of how he is deceiving his father, but he feels that he must in order to protect his father.  As Diego continues to put his plans into action, he shows Bernardo his horse, Tornado, and tells Bernardo that a shepherd cared for Tornado while Diego was in Spain.  Zorro's first action is to save Nacho Torres, who has been unjustly accused of treason.
Don Diego shows Bernardo the passage to Zorro's secret cave.
 #2   "Zorro's Secret Passage"

Airdate: 10/17/57
Don Nacho is staying at the mission and plans to ride to Monterey to speak to the governor about Monastario.  Don Diego goes to the mission to visit Don Nacho, and at Don Nacho's request, Don Diego tells his family that Don Nacho is safe.  Meanwhile, Monastario searches the entire pueblo for Don Nacho.  Monastario arrives at the de la Vega hacienda and wishes to question the de la Vegas' vaquero, Benito, on suspicion of being Zorro.  During his questioning, Monastario discovers that Benito has been seeing Elena Torres, Don Nacho's daughter, and concludes that Elena asked Benito to rescue her father.  Monastario feels that this proves that Benito is Zorro.  Monastario fights Benito, and Zorro makes an appearance to prove that Benito is not Zorro.
Padre Felipe tells Monastario that Don Nacho is seeking refuge at the mission.
 #3   "Zorro Rides to the Mission"

Airdate: 10/24/57
An Indian tells Monastario that Don Nacho is at the mission.  Monastario tries to apprehend Don Nacho at the mission, but he is informed by Padre Felipe that Don Nacho is seeking sanctuary and that Monastario cannot arrest him inside the mission.  Monastario is infuriated that he cannot arrest Don Nacho.  In an effort to force Don Nacho to surrender, Monastario forces the mission Indians to work on an unnecessary road and has the soldiers whip the Indians cruelly.  Don Nacho cannot stand to see such unjust treatment of the Indians and decides to surrender to Monastario.  Just as Don Nacho walks out of the mission, Zorro frees the Indians from their enforced labor.  Don Nacho may continue to seek sanctuary in the mission.
Zorro prepares to haunt the mission courtyard.
 #4   "The Ghost of the Mission"

Airdate: 10/31/57
Monastario claims that the mission Indians are planning an uprising which thereby gives him the authority to place the mission under martial law.  By doing so, Monastario is able to prevent Don Nacho from getting food.  Monastario plans to starve Don Nacho out of the mission.  Zorro smuggles food and water into the mission but is discovered by Monastario and must flee.  Monastario takes the food away from Don Nacho.  Don Diego decides to try another plan.  He tells Sgt. Garcia a story about the mission ghost.  That night, Zorro and Bernardo cause some spooky sounds to be heard at the mission.  Since Garcia has told all of the soldiers Don Diego's story, all of the soldiers become terrified about the ghost and flee the mission.  Don Nacho is finally able to leave the mission to make his trip to Monterrey.
Don Diego serenades Elena much to Monastario's disgust.
 #5   "Zorro's Romance"

Airdate: 11/07/57
Monastario's plan where Don Nacho is concerned becomes more clear.  Monastario intends to confiscate all of the Torres property and marry Don Nacho's daughter Elena.  Monastario searches the Torres hacienda for Don Nacho.  Don Diego goes to the Torres hacienda as well, in an attempt to prevent Monastario from finding Don Nacho.  Don Diego manages to prevent Sgt. Garcia from finding Don Nacho in the cellar, and later prevents Monastario from finding Don Nacho upstairs.  At Diego's request, Bernardo knocks Monastario unconcious, and Don Nacho is able to flee his hacienda by wearing Monastario's clothes.
Don Diego visits the Torres women at the jail.
 #6   "Zorro Saves a Friend"

Airdate: 11/14/57
Capitan Monastario arrests Elena and Senora Torres and jails them with the hope that Zorro will try to rescue them.  Monastario withholds food and drink from the Torres women.  Don Diego and Padre Felipe unsuccessfully try to convince Monastario to release them.  Benito cannot stand for Elena to be in jail, so he dresses himself as Zorro and tries to rescue the women.  Benito is captured by Monastario, who knows that Benito isn't Zorro but plans his execution anyway.  Zorro disguises himself in a priest's robes and rescues Benito right before he is hanged.  Zorro orders Benito to ride out of town.  Zorro fights Monastario and the soldiers and escapes.
Don Diego changes into his Zorro disguise.
 #7   "Monastario Sets a Trap"

Airdate: 11/21/57
Don Alejandro demands to see the Torres women.  Monastario allows Don Alejandro to visit them in their cell but has a soldier listen to the conversation.  The soldier learns that Don Alejandro is calling a secret meeting of the caballeros at the de la Vega hacienda.  Monastario has one of his soldiers appear at the meeting, pretending to be drunk.  The soldier tells the caballeros that the Torres women are being mistreated at the jail.  The caballeros decide to use force to free the Torres women.  Unknown to them, a soldier listens to their plans and reports back to Monastario.  Don Diego tries unsuccessfully to talk the caballeros out of attacking the cuartel.  Zorro has no choice but to go to the cuartel to prevent the caballeros from being killed. . Zorro fights Monastario and escapes.  Monstario orders half of his men to chase Zorro.  Zorro is dismayed when Sgt. Garcia and his men follow Zorro for awhile and then head back to the cuartel.  Zorro races back to the cuartel and warns the men as they rush the gates.  All of the caballeros retreat safely except for Don Alejandro.  Don Alejandro is shot by the soldiers, and Zorro takes him to safety.
Zorro tries to keep the soldiers from discovering him and Don Alejandro.
 #8   "Zorro's Ride into Terror"

Airdate: 11/28/57
While Monastario searches the countryside for Don Alejandro, Zorro takes Don Alejandro into his secret cave so that he can dress Don Alejandro's wound.  Monastario and his men search the de la Vega hacienda.  Don Diego enters his quarters to get some things for his father.  Don Diego is first detained by Sgt. Garcia and then by Monastario when Monastario becomes suspicious of him.  Monastario orders Sgt. Garcia and another soldier to guard Don Diego.  While Diego vexes about the delay, Don Alejandro leaves the cave.  Diego is finally able to leave the hacienda at about the time that Monastario discovers Don Alejandro.  Zorro arrives in time to rescue Don Alejandro and then chances to meet Don Nacho, who is returning for his trial under protection of the governor's soldiers.  Zorro leaves Don Alejandro in the care of Don Nacho and the soldiers.
Judge Vasca and Sgt. Garcia have an eating contest.
 #9   "A Fair Trial"

Airdate: 12/05/57
Don Alejandro and Don Nacho are in jail, awaiting trial. The governor's envoy, Judge Vasca, will preside over their trial.  Judge Vasca is a fair man so they feel that they will be exonerated of all charges.  Monastario orders Garcia to travel to San Fernando to delay Judge Vasca.  In San Fernando, Garcia induces Judge Vasca to visit the inn and have a large meal, which quickly becomes an eating contest between Judge Vasca and Garcia.  Garcia soon becomes full so he has the innkeeper slip a sleeping potion in Judge Vasca's drink so that Judge Vasca will fall asleep.  Judge Vasca is put to bed upstairs.  Meanwhile, Zorro has arrived, because he suspects that something might happen to prevent Judge Vasca from reaching Los Angeles in time for the trial.  Zorro lures Sgt. Garcia upstairs and forces him to drink a sleeping potion.  Zorro and Bernardo steal Garcia's clothes; Bernardo puts them on and is able to sneak Judge Vasca out of the inn and past the soldiers.  Back in Los Angeles, the trial begins without Judge Vasca.  Zorro arrives as Licenciado is about to give a verdict.  Zorro makes him rule that the defendants are not guilty.  Judge Vasca arrives, displeased that the trial has already occurred but mollified when he hears the verdict is not guilty.
Sgt. Garcia tells Don Diego that he wants to join forces with Zorro.
#10   "Garcia's Secret Mission"

Airdate: 12/12/57
Garcia awakens to discover that Zorro has raised a flag with a "Z" on it above the cuartel.  Monastario sees the flag while the soldiers are still trying to get it down.  Monastario arrests two peasants who laugh at the soldiers.  Monastario orders the peasants to repair the stable roof with 30 buckets of pitch.  Monastario thinks that he can capture Zorro if he has someone intermingling with the people who might gain some useful information.  Monastario publicly discharges Garcia from the military so that Garcia might gain information for him.  Garcia goes to the inn and tells Don Diego that he wishes to help Zorro.  Zorro visits Garcia later and tells him to meet him at a certain place in the morning.  Zorro notices that Garcia runs to tell Monastario about the meeting.  Zorro leaves a series of messages in different places for Garcia, which keeps Monastario and the soldiers busy.  Meanwhile, Zorro forces the soldier who stayed behind at the cuartel to bring the pitch to the pueblo in Monastario's coach.  Monastario returns to find the stable roof repaired.
Don Alejandro refuses to go to Monstario's banquet.
#11   "Double Trouble for Zorro"

Airdate: 12/19/57
A man named Martinez fights another man over a woman in the tavern.  Martinez kills his rival and is immediately arrested by Monastario.  Monastario has noticed that Martinez is a skilled swordsman like Zorro and sees a way that Zorro's name can be discredited.  Monastario forces Martinez to dress as Zorro and rob the pueblo caballeros at a banquet that Monastario hosts that evening.  Don Diego slips away shortly after the fake Zorro appears.  The real Zorro confronts the fake Zorro; the two men fight, and the fake Zorro falls and is knocked unconscious.  Monastario removes the mask of the fake Zorro and arrests him for theft.
Monastario and Martinez fight.
#12   "Zorro, Luckiest Swordsman Alive"

Airdate: 12/26/57
Monastario continues his plot to discredit Zorro.  Monastario fakes the death of Martinez, then he has Martinez dress as Zorro and steal the crown from the mission.  Nobody suspects Martinez because everyone thinks he is dead.  Even Padre Felipe feels that the real Zorro has turned bad.  Diego plans to trick some information out of Monastario.  Diego goes to the inn with some fake jewels and makes certain that Licenciado Pina sees them.  Licenciado immediately goes to Monastario, and Diego follows him.  Monastario heads for Martinez's hideout with Diego and Bernardo following him.  Monastario fights Martinez but has to jump over a crevice to prevent from being killed by Martinez.  Diego cannot allow Martinez to escape since Zorro's name must be cleared, so Diego fights Martinez even though Monastario is witness.  Don Diego fights clumsily but does disarm Martinez.  As Martinez tries to escape again, Monastario shoots and kills him.  Diego finds the jewels on Martinez and tells Monastario that Zorro's name is now cleared.  Monastario finds it curious that such an inept swordsman as Don Diego was able to defeat a man like Martinez.
Monastario accuses Don Diego of being Zorro.
#13 "The Fall of Monastario"

Airdate: 01/02/58
Monastario has Diego brought to his office.  Monastario accuses Diego of being Zorro on the grounds that Diego is always nearby just before Zorro appears but is never present at the same time as Zorro.  Monastario is interrupted to be told that the Viceroy will arrive in Los Angeles shortly.  Monastario is dismayed; he has the soldiers empty the jail and try to persuade the people to cheer when the Viceroy arrives.  Monastario has Don Diego guarded in his quarters.  The Viceroy seems very unimpressed with Monastario.  Later, Monastario reveals that he has captured Zorro and has Don Diego brought into the inn, dressed as Zorro.  The Viceroy is not convinced.  Don Diego asks Monastario to leave for a moment.  When Monastario returns, he continues to insist that Don Diego looks just like Zorro.  Monastario is chagrined when the mask is removed and the man turns out to be one of the soldiers.  The Viceroy remarks that Monastario could easily think someone else is Zorro and that he has no proof that Diego is Zorro.  Monastario will not be dissuaded and fights Diego in an attempt to make Diego reveal himself.  During the fight, Bernardo rides by dressed as Zorro and leaves a note for the Viceroy and Monastario.  The Viceroy immediately arrests Monastario and Pina and appoints Garcia as the acting comandante.
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