New World Zorro - Season 2

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Alcalde Ramone interrupts as Dr. Wayne tries to get Diego to help him eliminate Zorro.
 #1  "The Wizard"

Airdate:  09/14/90
An inventor named Dr. Henry Wayne has arrived in Los Angeles.  Alcalde Ramón hires him to devise a method to eliminate Zorro.  Dr. Wayne creates an intricate device that will kill Zorro when he enters the alcalde's office.  Ramón arrests Victoria as bait for Zorro; however, the plan is not successful, and Zorro escapes.  Acting on one of Don Diego's ideas, Dr. Wayne creates a hot air balloon which can be used to track Zorro to his secret cave.  Alcalde Ramón orders Dr. Wayne executed, knowing that Zorro will come to save him.  Zorro does appear, but he cuts the balloon loose, and it drifts out to sea with Ramón and Sgt. Mendoza on board.
Sir  Edmund tells Diego that he would like to stay in California.  #2  "Master and Pupil" Airdate:  09/21/90
Diego's old fencing instructor, Sir Edmund Kendall arrives in the pueblo.  Sir Edmund is shocked when he sees Diego fencing terribly and wonders why Diego is hiding his true ability.  Diego avoids answering Sir Edmund's question.  Soon, a couple of bounty hunters arrive in the pueblo and take a shot at Sir Edmund, who reveals to Diego and Don Alejandro that he had made some unwise political statements back in Madrid.  One of the bounty hunters speaks with Ramón, who arranges for Sir Edmund and the de la Vegas to come to the pueblo on a ruse.  The bounty hunter shoots Sir Edmund, and he and Diego take refuge in the church.  Diego must get help for Sir Edmund; fortunately, Felipe brings Zorro's things, and Zorro brings Dr. Hernandez to the church.  Zorro must fight the soldiers after he arrives with the doctor; Sir Edmund is brought out of the church and sees Zorro fencing.  Sir Edmund knows instantly who Zorro is.  Sir Edmund collapses and is taken back inside the church.  Dr. Hernandez leaves as Zorro enters, telling him that there is no hope.  Once they are alone, Diego removes his mask for Sir Edmund just before Sir Edmund dies.  Afterwards, with Felipe's help, Don Diego is able to make it look like Zorro leaves the church while Diego stays behind so that no one is suspicious of Zorro's true identity.
The pirates take Victoria and Felipe captive.  #3  "Kidnapped" Airdate:  09/28/90
Captain Henry Stark and his crew of pirates come ashore in the Los Angeles area in search of treasure.  They plan to enlist a few "volunteers" from the pueblo who will help the pirates recover the treasure.  Felipe and Victoria are among the citizens who are kidnapped by the pirates.  Don Diego and Don Alejandro encounter the group of pirates with their captives near the pueblo.  Don Alejandro goes for help while Diego follows the pirates.  Diego shows Felipe how to remove his bonds, but is seen by the pirates and captured.  Felipe gets away, and it is now up to Felipe to bring Zorro's things to Diego so that Zorro can rescue the other captives.
Sgt. Mendoza demonstrates his knowledge of courtship on Don Alejandro.  #4  "The Tease" Airdate:  10/05/90
Sgt. Mendoza falls in love with a beautiful woman named Amanda Herrera.  Mendoza feels that he doesn't have a chance of being with a woman like her, but Don Diego offers to teach Mendoza how to woo a woman.  Sgt. Mendoza is immediately jealous when Amanda appears interested in one of the other soldiers whom he outranks; Mendoza assigns that soldier latrine duty.  The situation becomes more complicated when alcalde Ramón begins to court Amanda; Ramón assigns Mendoza the job of finding some bandits who are known to be in the area.  Mendoza ends up at the de la Vega hacienda where he is told by Zorro that Amanda is being held hostage in the hacienda by the bandits.  Zorro tells Mendoza to wait for his signal; Zorro plans to subdue the bandits but wants to make it look like Mendoza has done all the work so that Amanda will fall for him.
Diego fights Sir Thackery.  #5  "He Who Lives by the Sword" Airdate:  10/12/90
An arrogant Englishman named Sir Miles Thackery arrives in the pueblo and immediately insults men so that he can duel them.  Thackery disarms Ramón and informs Ramón that he is now in charge of the pueblo and that Ramón is now his servant.  Thackery is rude to Victoria which causes Diego to speak against Thackery.  Thackery challenges Diego to a duel, and Diego does fight him, but first feigns clumsiness and then pretends to fall and injury himself in order to avoid showing his true fencing ability.  Alcalde Ramón desperately wants to get rid of Thackery, and so Zorro contacts Ramón, offering to teach him how to fence properly.  After the lessons, Ramón is ready to face Thackery, but unfortunately, he fails to follow Zorro's instructions and is thereby disarmed by Thackery.  Zorro must step in to save Ramón's life and drive Thackery out of the pueblo.
Don Alejandro and Victoria help Diego work on the pueblo newspaper.  #6  "Freedom of the Press" Airdate:  10/19/90
Don Diego becomes the editor of the new pueblo newspaper, The Los Angeles Guardian.  Diego promises to expose both what is good and what is bad in the pueblo.  Diego begins to create trouble for himself when he reports that certain farmers have received threats that their homes will be burned at a certain time and how the soldiers are mysteriously absent whenever that time arrives.  Ramón throws Diego in jail and takes over publication of the newspaper.  Diego knows that he must prevent the threats from being carried out; he must find a way to escape from jail and appear as Zorro without Ramón ever knowning that he ever leaves the cell.
Zorro fights Alicio Turon in Turon's barn.  #7  "Sanctuary" Airdate:  10/26/90
Zorro is pursued by men who wish to collect the reward money for Zorro's capture.  Zorro manages to scare the men away but is bitten by a poisonous snake when he reaches down to get his sword.  Zorro somehow drags himself into a nearby barn and seeks refuge inside the structure.  The barn is owned by Alicio Turon, one of the men who was chasing Zorro.  Turon's wife, Magdalena, discovers Zorro in the barn and cares for his arm.  Alicio enters the barn and sees Zorro.  Although Zorro hardly has enough strength left to fight, Zorro fights Alicio with enough bravado to scare Turon into leaving the barn.  Zorro takes his leave while Turon rides to the pueblo to get Ramón.  After Ramón and the soldiers arrive, they set the barn on fire.  Much to Alicio's horror, he hears his wife scream from inside the now engulfed barn.  Unbeknownst to Alicio, Ramón, and the soldiers, Zorro returns and rescues Magdalena.  After Ramón and the soldiers have left, Magdalena is reunited with her husband.  Alicio is thankful that his wife is alive and knows that he risked losing far too much in his desire to obtain Zorro's bounty money.
Zorro confronts Ramone about his latest act of injustice.  #8  "The Chase" Airdate:  11/02/90
Zorro enters the pueblo and confronts Ramón about his cheating the pueblo's merchants.  Ramón is exultant; he tells Zorro that he has hired an Indian, Grey Wing, to follow Toronado's tracks to Zorro's cave.  Zorro appears unconcerned, but Diego later tells Felipe that they must do something.  Diego causes some sheep to run across Toronado's tracks and obscure them.  Later, Diego has Felipe ride on Toronado to make a fake set of tracks.  Diego rides into the pueblo and informs Ramón that he will join the search for Zorro because the search will almost certainly go across some of the de la Vega land.  The searchers leave the pueblo and follow the tracks which eventually lead them to an abandoned mine shaft on the de la Vega property.  Diego knows that Felipe must be inside the mine shaft.  Ramón orders his men inside, but Diego insists that he should go first since his family owns the mine.  Diego enters the cave and finds Felipe.  The soldiers are coming along behind him; part of the mine shaft collapses, separating Diego and Felipe from the soldiers and also blocking the main entrance so that none of the soldiers can escape.  Diego knows of a ventilation shaft which he and Felipe use to escape the mine.  Diego returns to the entrance to the mine shaft as Zorro.  He must find a way to clear the entrance to the shaft and then must quickly get back inside as Don Diego so that no one will suspect that he is Zorro.
Diego maintains a constant vigil at Victoria's bedside, praying for her recovery.  #9  "Broken Heart, Broken Mask" Airdate:  11/09/90
One of the caballeros, Don Carlos, is playing cards with a man named Bishop.  Don Carlos accuses Bishop of cheating.  Bishop is about to take a shot at Don Carlos when Zorro intervenes.  Bishop walks away, but pauses as Zorro is saying goodbye to Victoria.  Victoria sees that Bishop is about to shoot Zorro so she leaps in front of him and is shot.  Zorro pleads for the caballeros to quickly get her to a doctor as he rides off.  Later, Don Alejandro and Don Diego speak to Dr. Hernandez who informs them that Victoria's condition is grave.  Don Diego maintains a constant vigil by Victoria's bedside, praying for her recovery.  He does not care about anything but her.  Bishop and Don Carlos duel and Don Carlos is killed.  Don Alejandro is determined to avenge his friend's death.  Meanwhile, Victoria awakens, and Diego decides to tell her everything.  Just as he begins to tell her, Felipe enters and lets Diego know that Don Alejandro and Bishop are about to duel.  Diego leaves and arrives in the pueblo as Zorro.  He asks for Don Alejandro to step aside, telling him that it was his fight to begin with and that he should be the one to finish it.  Zorro defeats Bishop, and later Zorro and Victoria share their first kiss; however, Victoria still doesn't know Zorro's true identity.
Zorro finds himself fighting two Alcalde Ramones.  #10  "The White Sheep of the Family" Airdate:  11/16/90
As Sgt. Mendoza nails up a notice about the new pueblo curfew, he comments about how nice it is that alcalde Ramón is to be away from the pueblo for several days.  Mendoza is shocked when Ramón rides up on his horse.  He is even more shocked when Ramón is nice to him and gives him a pay raise.  Later that evening, Ramón throws a party for the entire pueblo and quotes poetry.  When Don Alejandro comments that he must leave because of the new curfew, Ramón cheerfully rescinds the curfew.  Ramón takes his leave from the tavern and then shows up again just a few moments later.  Surprisingly, he is now angry and demanding to know why the entire pueblo is disobeying the curfew.  He fines Victoria for keeping the tavern open until after the curfew.  Diego is suspicious and investigates the alcalde's office.  He discovers that there are two sets of fingerprints on all of the alcalde's things.  Diego realizes that Ramón must have a twin brother and that Ramón's brother must be up to know good if he is impersonating Ramón.  Diego must discover why Ramón' brother is in the pueblo before something happens to the alcalde.
Joshua Barnes offers to take the supplies to the Indians. #11  "The Challenge" Airdate:  11/25/90
Ramón forbids all of the pueblo's citizens from traveling to the Indians' land because he does not approve of the Indians receiving food from the people.  Joshua Barnes offers to take the food since he isn't a pueblo citizen.  Ramón is infuriated.  Later, Ramón demands that Barnes hunt Zorro and kill him.  When Barnes refuses, Ramón has Barnes arrested.  The Harper brothers arrive later looking for Barnes because he shot their father.  Ramón tells them that he will release Barnes in the morning if they will kill Zorro for him.  Don Diego and Don Alejandro speak to Barnes, and they learn that Barnes killed the Harper brothers' father in self defense.  Diego must ride as Zorro in the morning to protect Barnes from a fate of certain death at the hands of the Harper brothers.
Keenona shows an Indian arrow to Don Alejandro, Felipe, and Diego. #12  "Rites of Passage" Airdate:  12/02/90
Ramón and his men chase the Indians out of their settlement because Ramón considers them savages.  An Indian girl named Keenona stumbles and is left behind.  Ramón plans to take her as a servant, but Zorro appears and makes certain that Ramón understands what a bad idea that would be.  Zorro takes Keenona to the de la Vega hacienda where she will be safe.  Keenona tells the de la Vegas her story, and it is apparent that she and Felipe are very attracted to each other.  The alcalde arrives looking for Keenona; he finds her and takes her to his office to work as a servant.  The Indians attack Ramón, and in the confusion, Keenona escapes and goes back to the de la Vega hacienda.  Felipe and Keenona spend some time outside together.  While they are outside, an Indian named Black Feather shoots a spear at them.  Keenona explains that Black Feather is challenging Felipe to a spear fight because her father had promised her to Black Feather many years before.  Diego wants to take Felipe's place, but Keenona explains that Felipe is the only one who can fight Black Feather.  Diego teaches Felipe everything he knows about spear fighting.  Felipe meets Black Feather on the field of honor and defeats Black Feather.
The Falcon prepares to take over the pueblo. #13  "The Falcon" Airdate:  12/09/90
A man who calls himself the Falcon plans to cause civil unrest in the pueblo.  He first tells the people how downtrodden they are by the government.  The Falcon tells the people that it is time for them to take back what is rightfully theirs.  The Falcon throws some gold out of his wagon, and the people greedily pick it up.  Don Alejandro and Don Diego are very concerned as they watch these events unfold.  Don Alejandro informs the Falcon that he will be letting the governor know about the Falcon's actions.  Later that evening, Don Alejandro is finishing his letter to the governor when the Falcon approaches him and attacks him.  The Falcon leaves a message for Zorro and takes Don Alejandro to a cave in the mountains.  Zorro rides and finds Don Alejandro in the cave; however, it will not be easy to rescue him because the Falcon has rigged a trap.  With difficulty, Zorro frees Don Alejandro, and they race back to the pueblo.  The people have been roused into action by the Falcon and are trying to break into the cuartel.  Don Alejandro and Zorro must work quickly to avoid a disaster.
Don Fernando reveals that he knows Diego's secret. #14  "It's a Wonderful Zorro" Airdate:  12/16/90
Don Alejandro witnesses Zorro prevent a man from being flogged by the alcalde.  Don Alejandro comes home and berates Diego for not being present to protest the alcalde's actions.  Diego explains that he stayed home because of his cold, but to Don Alejandro, this is not a valid excuse.  After Don Alejandro leaves, Diego's frustration is apparent.  He feels like no matter what he does as Zorro, it still isn't enough; he can't solve everyone's problems.  What makes the situation even more difficult is that Diego cannot tell either his father or Victoria the truth.  Diego is visited by a man named Don Fernando.  Diego tells Don Fernando that the pueblo would be no worse off if Zorro had never existed.  Don Fernando allows for Diego to see what would have happened to the people most important to Diego if Zorro had never existed.  Don Alejandro would be dead; Victoria would run a bordello; and Felipe would be a prisoner in Devil's Fortress.  After Diego has seen what would have happened if he had never become Zorro, he feels a renewed energy and is able to continue to be Zorro.
Ramone refuses to believe that Felipe knows of a plot to kill him. #15  "The Marked Man" Airdate:  12/23/90
Felipe is out fishing when he overhears a plot to assassinate the alcalde.  The men catch Felipe and imprison him while they go to the pueblo to set their plan into action.  Diego wonders where Felipe is, and Don Alejandro suggests that he might be fishing.  Diego looks for Felipe and finds him; Felipe tells Diego of the plot.  Diego and Felipe go to Ramón and inform him about the assassination plot.  Ramón refuses to believe Felipe's story.  Ramón insists that Felipe probably misread their lips.  Diego knows that it is up to Zorro to save Ramón's life.  Diego has Felipe tells him all of the details of the plot and plans a way for Zorro to prevent the assassination.
Zorro captures Enrique Vargas. #16  "Big Brother" Airdate:  01/06/91
Zorro captures a man named Enrique Vargas who is suspected of having robbed the pueblo's bank.  Enrique insists that he is innocent.  Diego decides to defend Enrique at his trial because Diego feels that alcalde Ramón was too quick to accuse Enrique of the theft.  While Diego is speaking to Enrique in his cell, Enrique's rather large brother Nestor arrives and bends the bars so that Enrique can escape.  During Enrique's trial, Diego presents evidence that a man of Enrique's size could not have carried the amount of money that Enrique allegedly stole.  Additionally, Diego shows that the bank ledger shows that money has been siphoned out of the bank for months and that the bank is run by Luis Ramón.  The jury quickly decides that Enrique Vargas is innocent.  Ramón immediately overrides their decision and declares that Enrique will hang.  As Enrique is lead outside, Diego hurries to change into his Zorro disguise so that he can save Enrique's life.
Diego puts a fake beard on Carlos in preparation for a play. #17  "To Be a Man" Airdate:  01/13/91
Diego is planning to turn Felipe into a bearded man for an upcoming pageant.  While he is experimenting with different types of glue for Felipe's fake beard, Don Alejandro tells him that young Carlos de la Paz will be visiting them because his father feels that there might be retaliation for him sending a man to prison.  Diego realizes that Carlos may need additional protection so Zorro rides to meet the stagecoach and is able to prevent the stagecoach from being waylaid.  Carlos is an arrogant young man and resents the help.  Carlos turns out to be a most obnoxious houseguest who is constantly getting into trouble.  Carlos is enamored with Victoria, so he uses one of the fake beards to make himself look older and goes to the tavern.  What Carlos does not realize is that the men who are determined to harm him are in the pueblo.  Zorro and Felipe go to the tavern and must find a way to keep Carlos from being hurt.
Don Alejandro and Diego listen as Aragon plays the piano. #18  "The Whistling Bandit" Airdate:  01/25/91
Three visitors arrive in Los Angeles:  Ramón's cousin Hermalinda, a botanist, and a pianist.  The pianist plans to give a recital in the tavern and will be playing Beethoven's 10th Symphony, which has just arrived from Europe.  Shortly after these three people arrive in the pueblo, a hooded bandit robs Victoria, Ramón, and the de la Vegas.  The hooded bandit whistles Beethoven's 10th Symphony during the robberies.  Diego is certain that one of the three new arrivals is the culprit, because none of the townspeople has ever heard the new symphony.  Diego makes a few changes on the sheet music and arranges for Felipe to create a disturbance before the recital begins so that Felipe can switch Diego's new version of the symphony with the original music.  Diego's theory is that the whistling bandit will know the difference and will expose himself.  Zorro plans to be present to apprehend the bandit.
Don Alejandro is enjoying his role as acting alcalde. #19  "The Don's Dilemma" Airdate:  01/27/91
Deputy governor Frescas is determined to further his political career by bringing Zorro to justice.  When Frescas discovers that Ramón is visiting his sick grandmother, he realizes that Ramón knew he was coming and decides to appoint Don Alejandro acting alcalde.  Don Alejandro is honored until he is told that he has to capture Zorro or else he will lose all of his property and money.  Zorro captures some bandits in hopes of convincing Frescas that Don Alejandro should not have to capture Zorro.  Unfortunately , this does not work.  Meanwhile, Don Diego discovers a man trying to kill his father; the man claims that the alcalde tried to kill his brother.  Diego realizes that the man must be speaking of Ramón, but the more immediate problem is how to get the deputy governor to leave the pueblo without Zorro having to surrender.  Diego suddenly thinks of the perfect plan, a plan which will rid his father of the man trying to kill him and will also satisfy deputy governor Frescas.
Don Alfonso leads Ramone and Mendoza on a search for the missing money. #20  "The Jeweled Sword" Airdate:  02/03/91
The jeweled sword of Charlemagne, which is on its way to a ship, is being kept temporarily in Los Angeles in the alcalde's quarters.  Meanwhile, Don Alfonso and his theater troupe arrive in Los Angeles.  Don Alfonso overhears a discussion about the jeweled sword and wishes to steal it.  Don Alfonso first steals Zorro's bounty money, and then pretends to find it the next day for Ramón.  Don Alfonso and Ramón eat in the tavern and Don Alfonso hypnotizes Ramón and tells him that Zorro will be captured that night.  Later, the theater troupe gives its performance; Don Alfonso leaves the stage unseen through a false bottom in a trunk in which he is supposed to be hiding.  Don Alfonso steals the jeweled sword.  Sgt. Mendoza thinks that Zorro has stolen the sword and runs to the tavern to sound the alarm.  Zorro enters the tavern just ahead of Mendoza.  What Zorro must do is convince Don Alfonso to hand over the sword so that the blame will be placed on the guilty party.
Daniel Nielson and his wife are placed in the stocks. #21  "The Newcomers" Airdate:  02/10/91
A man named Daniel Nielson asks Sgt. Mendoza for the location of the Luis Ramón Land Office.  Mendoza is puzzled but goes to get the alcalde.  Ramón mutters something about being surprised about the fools showing up to claim their land.  Ramón greets the Nielson family and gives them the location of their land.  The land turns out to be rocky and poor for farming.  Daniel Nielson says that they can turn it into good land by working hard, and he is right.  When Sgt. Mendoza sees that the Nielsons are growing vegetables successfully on their property, he is amazed and asks them how they did it.  Nielson explains that they did it with nitrates and hard work.  Mendoza misunderstands and thinks Nielson said something like night roots.  Mendoza goes back to the pueblo and starts telling everyone that there is something very strange about the Nielsons, partly because they have a different religion.  The people of the pueblo become convinced that the Nielsons are witches and put them in the stocks.  Zorro must quickly convince the townspeople that the Nielsons are innocent of any wrongdoing before the Nielsons get hurt.
Diego is arrested after being accused of being Zorro. #22  "The Devil's Fortress" Part 1 Airdate:  02/24/91
Victoria has received a letter from a man who had been imprisoned in the Devil's Fortress.  Apparently Victoria's father is not dead as she believed but is a prisoner inside the Devil's Fortress and is dying.  Since Don Alejandro has injured his leg, Diego promises to travel to the Devil's Fortress to speak to the comandante.  Meanwhile, Ramón hears about Victoria's father and decides that it would make a good excuse for him to go to the fortress as there is something in the fortress that he wants.  Victoria doesn't want him to go because she just saw Zorro in the church, and Zorro told her that he had heard about her father and was going to the fortress.  Victoria doesn't want the alcalde to capture Zorro while on the journey.  Victoria decides to travel to the fortress as well so that she can warn Zorro.  As Diego travels to the fortress, he discovers a coach which is pursued by bandits.  Diego changes into his Zorro disguise and takes care of the bandits.  He greets the woman who is in the carriage.  Zorro takes his leave, and Diego rides up a little while later.  Diego offers to drive the coach to the fortress.  After a while, some guards from the fortress arrive and the woman in the coach commands for them to arrest Diego, for he is the outlaw known as Zorro.  As the shock registers on Diego's face, the woman introduces herself as Rosalinda de la Fuente, the daughter of the comandante of the Devil's Fortress.
Zorro fights the commandante of Devil's Fortress. #23  "The Devil's Fortress" Part 2 Airdate:  02/24/91
Diego denies that he is Zorro, but Señorita de la Fuente does not believe him.  Diego is tied up and placed in the coach to journey to the Devil's Fortress.  After some time passes, Señorita de la Fuente is shocked when Diego suddenly pulls loose from his bonds and escapes from the coach.  When Zorro arrives at the fortress, he encounters Victoria's brother Ramón, who is also trying to enter the fortress.  As they scheme how they can enter the fortress, Victoria pleads for the comandante to allow her to see her father; he refuses.  Later, Victoria finds a map of the fortress and is able to locate her father but he dies shortly after she reaches his cell.  Zorro, Victoria's brother Ramón, and Sgt. Mendoza all arrive at Señor Escalante's cell at about the same time.  Ramón and Mendoza place Señor Escalante on a stretcher and carry him.  Zorro wonders where the alcalde has disappeared.  He notices that the door to the deed room has been forced; he correctly guesses that the alcalde went upstairs.  Zorro discovers the alcalde trying to climb down one of the walls of the fortress.  Zorro asks for the stolen deed.  When Zorro reaches for it, alcalde Ramón snatches off Zorro's mask instead of surrendering the deed.  Ramón is so shocked at Zorro's identity that he slips and falls to his death.  Zorro retrieves the deed, which was to the de la Vega property, and heads back to the pueblo.
Diego enlists the help of the Contesse Amalie in his quest to help the Musketeers. #24  "One For All" Part 1 Airdate:  02/28/91
Diego decides to take a vacation of several months and goes to France.  Diego did not intend to take his Zorro disguise along, but Felipe packed it anyway, "just in case."  Diego is expecting a quiet vacation, but he finds himself in the middle of a village full of rowdy people.  Soon, Diego meets Porthos, who is a descendent of one of the original Three Musketeers.  His servant, Picotin, has contacted the other two descendents and hopes that they will be able to fight together to reclaim their chateau.  Porthos is drunk and as Diego and Picotin try to sober him up, Porthos, Picotin, and Diego are arrested by Jussac, who is the man who has possession of the chateau.  Diego is later released since he is able to convince his captors that he is indeed just on vacation.  Zorro travels to the chateau, fights Jussac, and rescues Porthos and Picotin.  Back in the village, Athos, who is another descendent of the Musketeers, arrives.  Picotin fears that D'Artagnan will not be coming.
The Three Musketeers reclaim their chateau. #25  "One For All" Part 2 Airdate:  02/28/91
Diego, Porthos, Athos, and Picotin are discussing the Musketeers when another man rudely breaks into their conversation.  Just as Porthos and Athos prepare to fight him, he introduces himself as D'Artagnan.  Picotin is thrilled that all three descendents are together and fetches them the costumes of the Three Musketeers.  With Zorro's help, the Three Musketeers plan how they will enter the chateau.  They must find a ring which gives the owner possession of the chateau and control over the law.  Zorro and the Musketeers enter the chateau and locate the ring.  The Three Musketeers have reclaimed what rightfully belongs to them.  After a much more exciting vacation than he anticipated, Diego heads back to California.
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