New World Zorro - Season 4

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Don Diego and Don Alejandro bid farewell to Don Emilio Alonzo.
 1.  "The Fox and the Rabbit"

Airdate:  10/10/92
The de la Vegas bid Don Emilio Alonzo goodbye, unaware that he was masquerading as the royal tax collector.  Don Alejandro discovers that his horse is missing at about the same time that De Soto discovers that he paid the pueblo tax money to a criminal.  The soldiers and the de la Vegas head out after Alonzo in separate search parties.  After a time, the de la Vegas happen upon a cave in which the soldiers have been imprisoned.  Alonzo lured them to the cave and then caused a landslide.  Diego uses a lever to shift the rocks which are blocking the cave entrance.  The soldiers and De Soto are able to exit the cave.  Diego volunteers to go for help, since he wants a chance to appear as Zorro.  Felipe had been following the search party and is waiting nearby with Zorro's things.  Zorro rides after Alonzo, determined to bring him to justice.
Zorro tries to convince Angry Eyes and Wise Eagle not to kill De Soto.  2.  "Ultimate Justice" Airdate:  10/17/92
After Zorro makes an appearance in the pueblo, De Soto chases him with his new spyglass.  De Soto is so busy trying to follow Zorro that he fails to notice that he has trespassed upon a sacred Indian burial ground.  Zorro tries to warn De Soto, but it is too late.  The Indians capture De Soto and decide to burn him alive.  Zorro bargains with the Indians and finally the Indians agree that De Soto can go free if Zorro survives the River of Pain.  Zorro survives being beaten by the Indians with sticks, but then the Indians make Zorro spear fight.  Zorro survives this challenge as well and then is forced to climb the Wall of Death, which is a steep cliff, with his bare hands.  Zorro climbs the cliff successfully, which leaves the Indians with no choice but to free De Soto.  As a reward, Zorro has won the hand of the Indian maiden Washdea.  Zorro is left in the difficult position of trying to refuse the girl without offending the Indians.
Victoria falls in love with De Soto.  3.  "Love Potion Number Nine" Airdate:  10/24/92
Victoria discovers a case of potions left behind by Dr. Henry Wayne.  One of the potions is labeled "love."  Victoria decides to give the potion to Zorro.  Later, Zorro appears at the tavern, but he doesn't stay because De Soto sees him.  De Soto arrests Victoria for consorting with an outlaw.  De Soto finds the potions and decides to give one to Zorro.  Zorro rescues Victoria and brings her back to the tavern.  Victoria insists that they make a toast and provides wine which is laced with the love potion.  Before they make the toast, Zorro and Victoria kiss, unaware that De Soto is hiding behind the counter.  De Soto switches his glass with Zorro's glass.  After Zorro and Victoria drink the wine, De Soto reveals himself and informs Zorro that he switched glasses and that Zorro drank one of the potions.  De Soto then drinks from the glass intended for Zorro.  After De Soto and Victoria gaze into each other's eyes, they fall madly in love.  Zorro is completely flabbergasted.  While he tries to figure out what has happened, De Soto and Victoria begin to plan their wedding.  Zorro must work quickly to convince Victoria that the potions do not work and that it is only the power of suggestion.
De Soto accuses Zorro of killing the Carbejal brothers.  4.  "As Ye Sow" Airdate:  10/31/92
Sgt. Mendoza rides to the Carbejal rancho to discover what has happened to the Carbejal brothers.  Mendoza finds them dead in their bunks.  Meanwhile, Felipe finds a dead bird in the same area.  Diego rides as Zorro to the Carbejal rancho and gets a sample of the water.  He discovers that the water is contaminated.  Suspecting that the contamination was caused by something that occurred under the rule of former alcalde Luis Ramón, Zorro visits Mendoza.  Zorro obtains enough information from Mendoza to determine that Ramón did cause the contamination.  Zorro says that they must blow up the area to avoid future contamination.  Sgt. Mendoza insists on helping Zorro.  De Soto see them leave and assumes that Zorro is kidnapping Mendoza and stealing a wagon.  Zorro must eliminate the source of the contamination before De Soto arrives to stop him.
Zorro has no choice but to take refuge in his secret cave with Victoria.  5.  "An Affair to Remember" Airdate:  11/07/92
Zorro discovers that Victoria is being chased by bandits.  He tries to help her get away, but a wheel flies off of her wagon and both of them are forced to jump.  The impact knocks Victoria unconscious.  The bandits are rapidly approaching, and Zorro has no choice but to carry Victoria into his secret cave.  When Victoria awakens, she mentions that her ankle is hurt, so Zorro binds it.  Victoria begins to ask difficult questions so Zorro distracts her by getting them something to eat.  After they eat, Victoria once again begins to ask pointed questions, finally asking him, "Who are you, Zorro?"  Zorro wants to tell her, but is afraid of what her reaction will be.  He finally gathers the courage to remove his mask when he hears the bandits near the cave entrance.  Zorro runs to the entrance and hears the bandits mention how they will force the location of Zorro's cave out of Victoria.  Zorro is reminded that he can never tell Victoria because it would endanger her.  Zorro tries to explain it to Victoria, but she becomes very upset.  Zorro runs into the hacienda and finds a ring which belonged to Diego's mother.  Zorro presents it to Victoria and asks her to marry him.  She says yes and is much happier now.  Zorro has given Victoria a sleeping potion so that he can remove her from the cave without her seeing where it is located.  Zorro takes Victoria back home and then takes care of the bandits.
The paying of the reward money is eagerly awaited.  6.  "The Reward" Airdate:  11/14/92
Victoria is attacked by one of her customers.  Three men hear her cries for help and hurry to help her.  In the tumult, one of the men kills Victoria's attacker.  De Soto arrives and asks which man was responsible for the killing.  All three deny it until De Soto mentions that the dead man is a bandit with a reward out for his capture.  All three men claim responsibility and decide to split the reward money.  The next day a friend of the dead man arrives in town, wanting to find his friend.  When he discovers that his friend is dead and that the three men are responsible, he confronts them.  Two of the men quickly deny that they had anything to do with the killing.  The last of the three men admits that he did indeed kill the man's friend.  Zorro must intervene before anybody gets hurt.
Don Alejandro heads to the pueblo as Zorro to fight banditos.  7.  "Like Father, Like Son" Airdate:  12/05/92
Don Alejandro is drinking wine and reading Don Quixote.  He knocks something down and in trying to pick it up he falls through the back of the fireplace and into Zorro's cave.  Don Alejandro hits his head and is knocked unconscious.  When Don Alejandro awakens, he can't remember his name.  When he sees Toronado and Zorro's disguise, Don Alejandro concludes that he is Zorro.  Don Alejandro rides to the pueblo dresses as Zorro.  In the tavern, Don Alejandro fights the Brothers Esteban.  De Soto learns that Zorro is in the tavern and has his men surround the tavern.  De Soto easily captures Zorro and removes his mask.  Don Alejandro is arrested and De Soto makes plans to execute him.  Diego must somehow convince De Soto that his father is not Zorro and rescue him before the execution occurs.
Sergio knows that Zorro will come to take him for a ride on Toronado.  8.  "Symbol of Hope" Airdate:  12/12/92
A sick boy named Sergio is dying at the mission, and his last wish is for Zorro to take him for a ride on Toronado.  Victoria tells everyone of Sergio's wish in hope that Zorro will hear and will take Sergio for a ride.  Diego feels that Sergio can be cured, so he decides to bring Sergio to his cave for treatment.  De Soto is also aware of Sergio's wish and lays in wait for Zorro at the church.  Zorro manages to get Sergio and leave with him in spite of De Soto's presence at the church.  Zorro keeps Sergio in his cave until Sergio recovers.  Zorro returns Sergio to the church where De Soto arrests Sergio and tries to make Sergio reveal the location of Zorro's cave.  Zorro must get De Soto to understand that Sergio does not know anything about Zorro, as Zorro was careful not to burden Sergio with the truth.
Sgt. Mendoza congratulates Don Diego on his skill at playing the piano.  9.  "My Word Is My Bond" Airdate:  12/19/92
Horse thieves have stolen some of Don Alejandro's and the alcalde's horses.  Diego is dismayed because he has a broken leg and cannot help track down the thieves.  Don Alejandro, the alcalde, and the soldiers form a search party to look for the thieves and stolen horses.  They find the horses at the home of José Macías, who claims that he has never seen the horses before.  De Soto doesn't believe him and promptly arrests Macías.  Victoria uses her life's savings to bail out José, because she firmly believes in his innocence.  Diego decides to be José's lawyer and rides to José's home to visit him.  The property is deserted.  It looks like José is guilty and has fled the area.  Victoria is furious and vows to bring José to justice.  Diego is unable to stop her and must ride as Zorro, even though he has a broken leg.  Victoria discovers the hideout of the bandits, who have taken José and his family hostage.  Victoria finds that she will find it next to impossible to subdue all of the men on her own.  Zorro must somehow help her.
Victoria speaks against the emissary's actions. 10.  "The Arrival" Airdate:  01/09/93
The episode begins with a flashback to Madrid in 1788.  Elena de la Vega is about to give birth with the assistance of Inez Resendo.  Inez gives Elena a sleeping potion; she has heard two hearts beating and wishes to steal one of the babies.  Inez successfully carries out her plan.  Back in present day Los Angeles, an emissary from Spain arrives; his name is Gilberto Resendo.  Resendo seizes control of the pueblo and sentences De Soto to death for his incompetence.  Resendo is especially interested when he meets the de la Vegas.  He and Diego instantly hate each other.  At De Soto's execution, Zorro hides under a priest's robes and reveals himself at the proper moment.  Zorro saves the alcalde but is not able to drive Resendo from the pueblo.  Resendo informs De Soto and Mendoza that they are both under threat of death unless they capture Zorro.  Resendo later reads a letter from his mother, who reminds Resendo that Don Alejandro de la Vega rejected him as a baby and that the de la Vegas should be ground into the dust so that Resendo can claim his inheritance.
Resendo and Zorro fight each other inside the de la Vega hacienda. 11.  "Death and Taxes" Airdate:  01/16/93
Resendo seizes the church property as payment for back taxes.  He claims that this is necessary because some of the wealthy, like the de la Vegas, do not pay their taxes.  Many of the townspeople begin to turn against the de la Vegas and want the de la Vegas to lose their property.  Resendo therefore seizes all of the de la Vega land and moves into their hacienda.  Diego tells Don Alejandro that he is going to visit with their lawyer, but instead goes to Zorro's cave to change into his disguise.  Zorro confronts Resendo in the hacienda.  Meanwhile, De Soto and Mendoza are waiting outside the hacienda hoping for Zorro to make an appearance; they haven't forgotten that they will be executed if Zorro is not captured.  Zorro fights both Resendo and Lieutenant Hidalgo.  Resendo is knocked unconscious and while Zorro is fighting Hidalgo, De Soto attempts to shoot Zorro, but hits Hidalgo instead.  Hidalgo is killed instantly.  Resendo travels back to the pueblo the next day.  He tells everyone that the de la Vega hacienda is unlivable and that he is once again seizing the church property.  Zorro appears and states that he has stolen the de la Vega funds from the bank and pays the church's taxes with the stolen money.
Toronado proves to be too much for the emissary's men to handle. 12.  "Conundrum" Airdate:  01/23/93
Resendo continues his plot to destroy Zorro and the de la Vegas.  He arrests Victoria and has her taken to Monterey.  Zorro rides after the soldiers to rescue her.  When Zorro catches up to Victoria, he finds that it was a trick and that "Victoria" is a soldier.  Zorro has trouble getting away and in the fight that follows, Toronado is captured and taken to the cuartel.  Resendo plans to use Toronado as bait to capture Zorro.  Meanwhile, Resendo has Sgt. Mendoza steal a sample of Diego's handwriting.  Resendo makes certain that Don Alejandro reads the fake letter that Resendo creates, in which Diego is plotting to take control of his father's estate.  Resendo is angered when Don Alejandro does not believe the letter.  Later, Zorro goes to rescue Toronado from the cuartel.  Zorro and Resendo fight up on the roof; Zorro is shot in the arm, and Resendo falls to the ground.  Zorro escapes and De Soto declares Resendo dead without checking for a pulse.  The townspeople throw a party at the tavern as they are glad to be free from Resendo.  Unfortunately, Resendo is in fact still alive, and his mother has arrived to help him finish carrying out his plan.
Resendo prepares to kill Don Alejandro as Don Diego intervenes. 13.  "The Discovery" Airdate:  01/30/93
De Soto is horrified when he discovers that Resendo is still alive.  Resendo informs De Soto and Mendoza that they have one day to live.  Resendo offers Zorro a truce if he will meet Resendo at Diablo's Canyon.  Zorro goes to meet Resendo, but it is a trick; Zorro finds himself buried under a landslide of rocks.  Resendo goes to the de la Vega hacienda to finish off the de la Vegas.  Resendo begins to fight Don Alejandro.  Meanwhile, Toronado rescues Zorro from the pile of rocks.  Diego appears at the de la Vega hacienda a short time later and prevents Resendo from killing Don Alejandro.  Diego and Resendo begin to fight; Diego fights very fiercely.  Resendo suddenly realizes that Diego is Zorro.  Don Alejandro watches Diego and Resendo fight and cannot believe how good Diego is.  Diego disarms Resendo but doesn't kill him.  Resendo taunts Diego and reveals that he and Diego are brothers.  Don Alejandro and Diego do not believe him, but Inez Resendo arrives and supports the story.  Don Alejandro remembers that Inez Resendo was his wife's midwife when Diego was born.  After Resendo shows a birthmark that he has that matches a birthmark of Diego's, Don Alejandro and Diego accept the truth.  Resendo suddenly grabs a gun and points it at Diego.  Just as Resendo says, "When I kill Diego de la Vega, I will also kill . . . " De Soto arrives and shoots him dead.  The episode concludes a short time later with Diego telling Don Alejandro that there is something that he has been meaning to tell his father for quite some time.  Before Diego tells him, Don Alejandro mentions Resendo's last words and wonders what he was going to say.
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