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  Availability of McCulley's Stories

"The Curse of Capistrano" is readily available under the title The Mark of Zorro from online websites.
This book should be readily available:

Johnston McCulley's Zorro:  The Masters Edition Volume 1

Contains the following stories:
Zorro Saves a Friend
Zorro Hunts A Jackal
Zorro Deals With Treason
Mysterious Don Miguel
Zorro Draws His Blade
Zorro Upsets a Plot

This book is presently out of stock (as of August, 2003) so it might be a bit harder to track down:

Johnston McCulley's Zorro:  The Masters Edition Volume 2

Three collections of the Zorro stories were printed in Greece in 1991 in a limited run of 150 copies each.  What is especially great about them is that they reproduce the actual pages from WEST Magazine including the illustrations.  These collections are referred to as the Hanos editions, which refers to the name of the man who printed them.  The Hanos editions do show up on eBay, but infrequently.
Volume I:

Zorro Strikes Again
Zorro Saves a Herd
Zorro Runs the Gauntlet
Zorro Fights a Duel
Zorro Opens a Cage
Zorro Prevents a War
Zorro Fights a Friend
Zorro's Hour of Peril
Zorro Lays a Ghost
Zorro Frees Some Slaves
Zorro's Double Danger

Volume II:

Zorro Stops a Panic
Zorro's Twin Perils
Zorro Takes the Bait
Zorro Raids a Caravan
Zorro's Moment of Fear
Zorro Saves His Honor
Zorro and the Pirate
Zorro's Strange Duel
Zorro Aids an Invalid
Zorro Saves an American
Zorro Meets a Rogue

Volume III:

Zorro Paces with Death
Zorro Fights for Peace
Zorro Shears Some Wolves
The Face Behind the Mask
Zorro Starts the New Year
Hangnoose Reward
Zorro's Hostile Friends
Zorro's Hot Tortillas
Zorro Gives Evidence
Rancho Marauders

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