Zorro - The Legend Through The Years

   Son of Zorro - 1947

George Turner is Jeff Stewart and Zorro George Turner
Jeff Stewart and Zorro
Peggy Stewart
Kate Wells
Peggy Stewart is Kate Wells
Ed Cassidy is Sheriff Moody Ed Cassidy
Sheriff Moody
Ernie Adams
Judge Hyde
Ernie Adams is Judge Hyde
Roy Barcroft is Boyd Roy Barcroft
Stanley Price
Stanley Price is Pancho
Edmund Cobb is Stockton Edmund Cobb
Ken Terrell
Clerk Thomas
Ken Terrell is Clerk Thomas
Tom London is Mark Daniels Tom London
Mark Daniels
Wheaton Chambers
Caleb Baldwin
Wheaton Chambers is Caleb Baldwin
Chapter 1:  Outlaw County

With the war between the States ended, men of both sides were returning home, welcoming peace and hoping to resume their lives again at the point where the call to the colors disrupted them.
Jeff Stewart rides with Kate Wells as she races back to try to prevent the sale of her father's property.
Jeff Stewart returns from fighting in the war to discover that Box county is now being run by crooked politicians.  The property owned by Kate Wells' father is auctioned even though she shows up with the tax money right at the end of the auction.  The new owner refuses to let her father have the property back and shoves her father.  Jeff protests and fights the new owner.  The fight ends when Sheriff Moody arrests Jeff for disturbing the peace.  Jeff is fined $100.  After Jeff leaves, Judge Hyde tells Sheriff Moody that the Chief says Jeff is too smart and needs to be run out of the county.
Jeff Stewart is fined $100 for disturbing the peace.

Pancho shows the Zorro disguise to Jeff and Kate.

Kate tells Jeff that the crooked politicians made the property tax so high that only a few select people can own property.  There is only one road that runs through the county, and a toll is levied on every wagon that passes through.  Pancho, the ranch foreman, is glad to see that Jeff is back home.  Pancho tells Jeff that the sheriff took all of the cattle, saying that the taxes hadn't been paid on the ranch.  Pancho hid Jeff's favorite horse, El Rey, so that the sheriff couldn't find him.  Pancho tells Jeff that Zorro must ride again.  When Kate asks what Pancho means, Jeff explains that Zorro was an ancestor on his mother's side.  When politicians made things too difficult, Zorro took the law into his own hands and set things straight.  Kate and Pancho tell Jeff that it is the only way, but Jeff insists on sticking to the law.  He thinks he has found a solution.  He plans on getting a new road built through the county.
Kate heads out on one of the wagons with supplies for the building of the new road.  Jeff arrives at the ranch to be told by Pancho that his horses have been stolen and that the bandits are going to attack and kill all of the men on the wagons.  Jeff hesitates to ride as Zorro until he remembers that Kate is on one of the wagons.  Jeff tells Pancho to saddle El Rey.

The bandits attack the wagons.  The horses get separated from Kate's wagon, and Kate's wagon comes to a stop near the base of a cliff.  Kate is thrown from the wagon and is knocked unconscious.  Zorro rides after her to save her.  The bandits keep shooting at Zorro to keep him pinned in while they ignite barrels of coal oil which they roll down towards the wagon.  One of the barrels ignites the wagon and sets off the boxes of dynamite in the wagon.

Chapter 2:  The Deadly Millstone
Zorro grabs Kate and carries her away from the wagon just before it explodes.  Back at the ranch, Kate and Jeff discuss what needs to be done.  Jeff tells Kate that Zorro will ride only when needed.  He says that they need to get the new road put in.  Kate protests that they need money.  Jeff wonders if Caleb Baldwin of the Bluebird Mine would be able to help them.
Baldwin says he would be glad to help them, but he's broke.  He needs to get a shipment of gold out, but there is no way the bandits will let him as they have every road in the county blocked.  Jeff says they could send pack horses over the mountains and that he has some horses that could do the job.  Baldwin gets started mining the ore while Jeff gets the horses.  Jeff asks Daniels for pack saddles, and Daniels agrees to help. Caleb wants to help Jeff but he can't get out a shipment of gold.
Jeff tells Daniels about his plan and asks for pack saddles.

Kate is in deadly danger of being smashed by the millstone.

The Chief orders Boyd and his men to stop the gold shipment.  Boyd and his men attack Jeff and Kate as they lead the pack horses to the mine.  Jeff and Kate split up without their pursuers knowing it.  Jeff rides as a decoy, while Kate leads the other horses to the mine.  However, the bandits catch on to the plan and then cut across country to the mine.  Meanwhile, Jeff changes into his Zorro disguise.  Zorro attacks one of the men who is traveling alone and asks him where the others are.  After the man tells him, Zorro heads to the mine.  As Kate and Baldwin prepare to load the mine, the bandits arrive and tie Baldwin up.  Kate is thrown down next to the millstone and is knocked unconscious.  Zorro arrives and fights the bandits.  During the fight, the men hit the mechanism which turns the millstone.  Kate is in deadly danger of being smashed.
Chapter 3:  Fugitive From Justice
Zorro pulls Kate away from the millstone.  Kate and Jeff get the gold ready for shipment.  Back in town, Sheriff Moody tries to impound the money from the sale of the gold.  Jeff hands the money over to Kate in the post office so that the sheriff cannot confiscate it.  In revenge, the sheriff arrests Jeff, and Judge Hyde sentences Jeff to 90 days in jail.  Jeff handcuffs the sheriff to the rail in the courtroom and escapes.

The Chief orders his men to steal the letter with the money in it from the post office.  Boyd and his men enter the post office and prepare to blow open the vault.  Jeff requests that Kate go get the letter with the money in it for him.  Kate meets up with the bandits and is imprisoned.  Jeff comes in to see what is delaying Kate.  He fights the bandits and is knocked down next to the vault which then explodes.

Jeff hands the money to Kate.

Boyd and his men capture Kate.

Chapter 4:  Buried Alive
Jeff protects a man who is supposedly being held up.

Zorro warns Kate about the imposter.

Jeff moves far enough away from the door to avoid being hurt.  The next day he sends a note to Kate requesting that she bring the topographical maps to the camp for the surveyor.  Boyd and his men learn the contents of the note and head for the camp.  At the camp, Boyd and his men stage a fake hold-up.  When Jeff tries to protect the man who is supposedly being attacked, Jeff suddenly finds himself the man's prisoner.  Jeff manages to elude his captor.  Meanwhile, one of the bandits arrives at the camp, pretending to be the engineer who was supposed to arrive with Jeff.  Kate heads back to town and meets Zorro along the way.  Zorro tells her to warn the men in the camp, because the fake engineer is planning to blow up the camp.  The men escape the camp, but Kate falls off of her horse.  Up on the cliff, Zorro fights the fake engineer and shoots him.  The fake engineer falls and sets off the explosives which cause rocks to rain down on the camp.
Chapter 5:  Water Trap

Kate runs and hides under a ledge just in time to avoid being killed by the landslide.  Jeff says they'll have to call on Caleb Baldwin to help them again.  However, Caleb tells Jeff and Kate that he faces a $1000 fine for illegally transporting gold through the county.  Jeff comes up with a plan.

Kate arrives in front of Judge Hyde with Jeff as her prisoner.  There has been a warrant out for Jeff's arrest ever since he escaped when he was placed under arrest.  Kate asks for the reward money for Jeff's capture.  After Judge Hyde gives her the $1000, Kate pays the fine for Caleb Baldwin.  When the judge orders for Jeff to be taken away, Jeff gives the judge a document he obtained from the governor which pardons him for any and all prior offenses.  The judge and sheriff are furious.

The Chief orders his men to destroy Baldwin's mine with Jeff and Kate in it.  They are told to make it look like a mining accident.  The Chief's men try to abduct Jeff from his ranch, but thanks to Pancho, Jeff kills one of them and ties up the other.  Jeff ties the man loosely so that he will get away.  Jeff dresses as Zorro and trails the man.

The Chief's men rig up what will appear to be a mining accident.  As they prepare to flood the mine to kill Baldwin and Kate, Zorro arrives and fights the men.  The men flood the mine, and Kate and Zorro appear trapped in a mine tunnel.

Kate brings Jeff into court at gunpoint.

Jeff, Caleb, and Kate plan to get the mine running again.

Jeff ties the bandit loosely to that he will escape.

Chapter 6:  Volley of Death

Zorro and Kate find an opening which leads out of the tunnel and escape just in time.  Unfortunately, Baldwin does not escape.  Boyd and Judge Hyde think they have killed Zorro, Kate, and Baldwin.  They are shocked when Zorro enters the room.  Zorro tries to get Hyde to reveal who the Chief is.  Boyd lunges at Zorro, the men fight, and Zorro escapes.

Boyd, the sheriff, and Hyde wonder who Zorro is. Later, Boyd, Sheriff Moody, and Judge Hyde discuss who Zorro is.  Hyde thinks Jeff might be Zorro, and Boyd agrees.  Boyd thinks Zorro's voice sounds like Jeff Stewart.  Hyde issues a warrant for the arrest of Zorro alias Jeff Stewart for the murder of Caleb Baldwin.  Boyd complains that it will never stand up in court, but Hyde hints that Jeff won't live long enough to stand trial.
Boyd has one of the men tell everyone that Jeff Stewart is Zorro and that Zorro killed Baldwin.  The men decide to take the law into their own hands.  Kate rides out to the ranch to tell Pancho what is happening.  Pancho rides as Zorro to save Jeff.  The men break Jeff out of jail and prepare to shoot Jeff. Pancho rides as Zorro.
Chapter 7:  The Fatal Records

Just as the men prepare to shoot Jeff, Pancho rides into the town as Zorro.  The men realize that they were wrong to suspect Jeff of being Zorro.  Jeff goes to Judge Hyde and request the voter registration records from 1862.  He suspects that some of the people who supposedly voted in the elections for the county offices were either dead or not living in the county at that time.  Judge Hyde tells Jeff that there isn't enough time to look at the records that day and that he must come back tomorrow. 

Jeff mentions that he is going to request the voter registration records.

The sheriff tells Jeff that he will recover the stolen records.

Judge Hyde tells Boyd that the Chief wants the records destroyed by fire that night.  Zorro arrives as Boyd and his men prepare to start a fire.  Zorro overpowers the men and takes the records to Kate's ranch.  Jeff and Kate find several voters who were either dead or in the war at the time of the elections.  Kate leaves to take the records to the governor.  The sheriff searches Jeff's house for the records.  He doesn't find them, but tells Jeff that he will recover the records because they have every road in the county blocked.  Jeff rides as Zorro to help Kate.  The men stop the stagecoach and prepare to search it.  Zorro rides up shooting, and the men fire back.  The horses gallop away with the stagecoach.  Zorro rides to overtake the stagecoach.  The stagecoach slams into the side of a cliff and explodes.
Chapter 8:  Third Degree

Kate regains consciousness in time to jump from the stagecoach right before it hits the side of the cliff.  Back in town, Judge Hyde, Sheriff Moody, and Boyd discuss the missing records.  They don't know whether the records were in the stagecoach since it burned up, so they assume that Zorro still has the records.

Judge Hyde asks to see Jeff and says that they have to catch Zorro before they can get those records back.  Jeff suggests that it was a deliberate act to keep him from reading the records.  When the judge threatens to arrest him, Jeff tells him to go ahead as the governor would be very interested to hear about another trumped up charge against him.  Judge Hyde decides not to arrest Jeff. Judge Hyde threatens to arrest Jeff.
Two men accost Kate on the road and demand to know who Zorro is.  Kate hesitates and says that Judge Hyde is Zorro.  Since Kate refuses to cooperate, the men tie her up and take her with them.  Kate jumps off her horse and tries to escape.  Her horse runs back to Jeff's ranch.  Jeff and Pancho discover the horse and see the letters "BBF" etched into the saddle.  Jeff knows that Kate must be at the BBF Ranch and rides as Zorro to help her.
Kate is brought up after being dunked under water. The men send Kate down into a well and dunk her under the water.  They bring her back up and ask her again who Zorro is.  When she refuses, the men prepare to lower her into the well again.  Zorro arrives and tries to rescue Kate.  During the resulting fight, the well is hit by a bucket that one of the men throws at Zorro.  Kate falls into the well and goes under water.
Chapter 9:  Shoot to Kill

Kate goes underwater while the men continue to fight.  Zorro shoots one of them and the other man flees.  Zorro is able to rescue Kate just in time.

Jeff plans to send a detailed report to the governor of all of the robberies and shootings that have been occurring in Box County.  Jeff hopes that the governor will appoint state rangers to patrol the county.  Any criminals they catch will be tried in the state's courts.  Jeff leaves to prepare the report.

Judge Hyde tells Sheriff Moody and Boyd about Jeff's plan.  Hyde says that they need to let Jeff finish the report, because he might say who Zorro is.  Hyde tells Boyd to ride out to Jeff's ranch and find out when and how Jeff will get the report to the governor. Jeff dictates a report to the governor.
Jeff dictates the report to Kate.  As Jeff finishes and says that Zorro should be the one to deliver the report, Jeff notices a spy outside.  Jeff sneaks out the back way and knocks out the spy.  What Jeff doesn't know is that there were two men, and the second man has already left to report back to Boyd's other men.  Jeff rides as Zorro and is shot by the men.  The men catch up to Zorro and prepare to remove his mask.
Chapter 10:  Den of the Beast
The men pull off Zorro's mask to discover the man that Jeff knocked out back at the ranch.  Jeff and Kate are nearby watching as this occurs.  Kate tells Jeff that he was right about the bandits ambushing Zorro.  Jeff tells Kate that he will take the report to the governor.  Jeff later returns to the town to tell everyone that the governor will send state rangers to enforce the law.  However, the governor needs supporting evidence, so Jeff will get signed affidavits from all of the people in Box County who have been affected by the bandits.

After Jeff gets an affidavit from Melton at his ranch, the bandits lure Jeff into a trap.  Boyd and his men capture Jeff and steal the affidavits that he has already gotten signed.  Boyd says they'll take care of the three ranchers so that nobody else dares to sign an affidavit.  Jeff knocks his guard into the campfire and uses the man's knife to cut himself loose while the man tries to put out the fire on the seat of his pants.  Jeff knocks the man out and escapes, changing into his Zorro disguise which he had on underneath his clothes.  Zorro heads back to Melton's ranch, where Melton is a prisoner.  Zorro fights the bandits.  Zorro follows one bandit into the loft of the barn.  Zorro falls down into the stall of a wild horse.  It looks like Zorro will be trampled to death.

Jeff tells Kate and Daniels that the governor will send state rangers.

Jeff gets Melton to sign an affidavit.

Boyd tries to force Melton to say that Zorro made him sign the affidavit.

Chapter 11:  The Devil's Trap
Zorro escapes by jumping out of the stall.  The bandit prepares to attack Zorro, but Melton shoots at him, causing him to flee.  Back at the ranch, Jeff tells Kate that the other ranchers refuse to sign an affidavit because of what happened at Melton's ranch.  Jeff tells Kate that he now intends to go after the man who is behind everything.  Judge Hyde, Sheriff Moody, and Boyd are working for someone, and he must find out who that person is.  Jeff suspects that the clerk, Thomas, is involved, because they have always spoken about all of their plans in Daniels' store, and Boyd always seems to know about their next move.
Jeff tells Kate that the old registrar will be staying at his ranch. Jeff lures Thomas into a trap by telling Kate that the registrar from the old election has turned up again and that the registrar is staying at his ranch on the living room couch.  Thomas listens carefully during this conversation.  Boyd and one of his men enter Jeff's house to kill the registrar.  Jeff and Pancho attempt to apprehend them.  They kill one man but Boyd gets away.
Boyd warns Hyde that Jeff tricked them into going to the ranch.  Hyde tells Boyd to warn Thomas to get out of town.  Zorro arrives at the store to question Thomas.  Boyd arrives and tries to shoot Zorro but shoots Thomas instead.  The men trap Zorro in an alley.  They light a hay wagon on fire and push the wagon down the alley towards Zorro.  It appears that Zorro has no way to escape. Zorro questions Thomas.
Chapter 12:  Blazing Walls
Kate hides the record book. Kate sees Zorro's predicament and unlocks a door leading to the alley.  Zorro escapes with Kate.  Kate goes back into the general store and sees Thomas' body.  Kate picks up a ledger that was laying on the floor and hides it.  The sheriff enters the store and arrests Kate for helping Zorro to escape.  The sheriff claims that Zorro killed Thomas.  Daniels pleads for the sheriff to release Kate, but the sheriff won't listen.
Hyde is about to decide whether to grant Kate bail when he receives a note from the Chief requesting that Kate be held without bond.  Jeff wonders why they are holding Kate and why they won't let him see her.  Jeff knows that the men tore about Daniels' store looking for something.  He suspects that Kate found some evidence and hid it.  Jeff disguises himself as a peddler of hot tamales and manages to speak to Kate for a moment.  Zorro finds the record book in Daniels' store, but Boyd is waiting for him.  Boyd tells a man to take the record book to the Chief and to get Kate.  Zorro fights Boyd and his men, but Zorro escapes.  Zorro rescues Kate from the jail, but they are trapped inside by gunfire.  A kerosene lamp is knocked over and causes the jail to catch fire.  Zorro and Kate appear to be trapped in the fire. Jeff pretends to be selling hot tamales.

Zorro finds the record book.

Chapter 13:  Check Mate
Pancho shoots the sheriff as the sheriff sneaks up behind Zorro. Zorro breaks out the bars in a window in the back of the cell.  Zorro and Kate escape out the window.  The sheriff forms a posse to go after Zorro.  They suspect that Zorro and Kate are heading for Jeff's ranch so they head for his ranch.  Jeff enters the barn with his mask off and is confronted by the sheriff and Boyd.  During the battle, Jeff kills Boyd.  The sheriff sneaks up on Jeff, and Pancho shoots him.
Jeff, Kate, and Pancho talk, and Jeff says they need to find out who the head man is.  Kate relates how a note was brought to Judge Hyde when he was about to decide on her bail.  Kate and Jeff search Hyde's office for the note and find it.  The handwriting doesn't tell them much, but Jeff notices that on the back of the note is a tally sheet from when Stockton and Daniels play checkers.  Jeff heads to the store to confront the men.  Jeff tells them that Judge Hyde has been shot and is about to reveal who the Chief is.  Jeff thinks he is Stockton and forces Stockton to come with him.  Daniels tells Jeff that he will be along after he locks up.  Daniels removes his money from a hiding place and prepares to leave the store.  Jeff comes back and stops Daniels.  Jeff and Daniels fight, and Jeff subdues Daniels.  Stockton and the others enter the store.  Stockton congratulates Jeff on a job well done.  Daniels is arrested and will be held until the proper authorities come for him. Jeff plans how to trap the Chief.

Daniels prepares to make his escape.


Edmund Cobb, who plays Stockton, has one of the major roles in Zorro's Fighting Legion and a minor role in Zorro Rides Again.

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